Witchmyth (Witchworld Series 2)

23392317Author – Emma Fischel

Illustrator – Chris Riddell

Age – 9+

The 2nd book in the Witchworld Series.

The witchpaps (paparazzi) have stopped following Flo and her family after her fight with Ghouls. Grandma has a new government job (looking out for Ghouls), Mum is busy with a new work project and Hetty has her sights set on a brainy witchboy.

A new girl starts in their class and Flo isn’t convinced Ferocity is the poor little orphan she says she is. When Flo confronts her about it, Ferocity strikes back. That’s not the only thing Flo is worried about. Flo has always loved the book her dad used to read her stories from – Witchmyths about terrible creatures. But are they myths? The age-old original manuscript that was found has a blob on the title – right where it could say myths or stories. Which one is the truth? Strange things begin to happen around her home that begin to scare her and everyone in her family is too busy to listen.

Flo and her friends are soon caught up in something unthinkable, and this time Flo has to deal with it all on her own.

This story cleverly introduces topics as deforestation/loss of habitat for wildlife, friendship, boys etc – but in a non didactic, fun, safe way – very lightly in the background.

(Magic, Fantasy, Friendship, New girl, Myths, Courage, Family, Witch, Magical creatures)


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