Lola’s Toy Box (2) – On the Story Sea


Author – Danny Parker

Illustrator – Guy Shield

Age – 5+

Lola has a magical toybox. When her older brother Nick is being mean or teasing her, she climbs into the toybox at the end of her bed, always taking her favourite toy – a clown doll called Buddy. They always end up in a new place in ‘The Kingdom’ which is a magical place where toys go when they aren’t being played with. Each book in this series for young readers is a different adventure. At the back of each book is a map showing the different area of ‘The Kingdom’.

Lola and Buddy climb out of a treasure chest on a pirate ship. A strange beast is gobbling up all the stories floating in the story sea. Does it have anything to do with the evil Plastic Prince? How will they help Pirate Sal and her crew, stop the creature? If they don’t, they’ll be no more stories and no more books for everyone to enjoy.

(Quest, Adventure, Friendship, Puzzle, Series)


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