Lupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle – The Adventures of a Royal Dog (1)


Author – Aby King

Illustrator – Sam Usher

Age – 7+

Lupo is a Cocker Spaniel. He belongs to a Duke & Duchess and their baby boy (George). Lupo and George can understand each other and Lupo is devoted to George, sleeping under his cot every night.

Lupo is liked by all the other animals (from mice to cats and dogs) at Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle, except for one dog – Vulcan. Vulcan is a dorgi – part Corgi, part Dacshund. He believes he should be the only dog belonging to the Queen and he resents Lupo’s popularity with everyone.

But Vulcan has a plan to fix all that. He’s always been interested in the Mythology of their country and knows the legend of St George and the Dragon. Surely there can’t be a dragon hidden somewhere in the castle?

He’s determined to solve the mystery, get rid of Lupo and take over the entire castle. Little does he know there is someone even more evil than him, watching his every move.

Can Lupo and his friends stop Vulcan and clear Lupo’s name?

(Royal, Friendship, Animals, Mystery, Dragon, Castle, Good vs Evil)


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