The Magic Potions Shop (1)


Author – Abie Longstaff

Illustrator – Lauren Beard

Age – 6+

Book 1 in this 6 part series

There is a Map of the Kingdom of Arthwen in the front of the book for readers to follow the adventures.

Tibben’s home is inside a Potions Shop built in an old tree in Steadysong Forest. He is an apprentice to Grandpa, a very skilled Potion Master to their Kingdom. Grandpa’s cloak is covered in magical sparkly Glints and Tibben is desperate to get some on his cloak.
Grandpa assures him that he will receive his own Glints – just as soon as he masters potions and that the potions are to help someone.

One morning Grandpa is still in bed when Tibben wakes. He’s almost 100 and it’s nearly time to have a new Potions Master. Tibben is scared and sure that he is a long way from being ready to take over – let alone getting 5 Glints and then passing a special test. But if he doesn’t pass and there is no potions master, Blight will consume the world, overtaking Harmony.

Blight is when there is no water or food for plants and animals and everyone is fearful and sad. Harmony is when food and water is plenty, beautiful sunsets make you smile and stars are clear and bright at night.

When a King calls for help, Tibben sets off on a journey, to prove himself and make grandpa proud. And he might even get a Glint!

A simple quest story for young readers with fun activities in the back of the book and a sneak preview of the next in the series – The River Horse

(Courage, Quest, Cooperation, Magic, Series)


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