Silence is Goldfish


Author – Annabel Pitcher

Age – 14+

This is this author’s 3rd novel – her debut novel My Sister lives on the Mantlepiece and 2nd novel Ketchup Clouds both won awards and I’m sure Silence is Goldfish will certainly follow in their footsteps.

The main character, 15 yr old shy, overweight, Tess Turner is as real as one can get between pages of a book. Her thoughts are true to a young teen whose world has been tipped upside down by the truth. I loved how Tess explains who she is and how she feels about people around her – all who are outside of her lonely ‘Pluto’ orbit (the planet furthest from the sun).

 This story shows a normal shy teen’s search for family, truth, inner strength against bullies and lies, and about wanting to fit in and belong – all the while dealing with a strong sense of betrayal by those she loved the most.

Strange Title? – read this book and it all makes sense.


(Family, Conflict, Courage, Sperm Donor, Overweight, Teacher crush, Infidelity, Betrayal, School, Mean girls, Cyber Bullying, Revenge)



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