Wild Boy & the Black Terror (Wild Boy 2)

22926571Author – Rob Lloyd Jones

Age – 8+

This is the 2nd book in this action-packed series, set in Victorian London.

After escaping a Freak Show and solving crimes in the 1st book in this series, Wild Boy and his (ex circus tightrope walker) friend Clarissa have been taken in by Marcus. Marcus belongs to a secret society called the Gentlemen who look after the security and affairs of the British Empire.

Other members of the Gentlemen want Wild Boy & Clarissa gone from their organisation, but with London still believing Wild Boy is a savage killer, it isn’t safe out there.

When Marcus is suddenly struck by a strange disease that turns his skin white and his veins black, Wild Boy and Clarissa know they’re in trouble. Marcus is dying and they have to put their combined skills together to solve the mystery of the illness called The Black Terror. Not only is their safety, their guardian’s and Queen Victoria herself at stake, so is the entire population of London.

This episode of Wild Boy is just as packed with mystery, action and clue finding as the first. With a touch of Steampunk, CSI, and Indiana Jones, this makes an awesome read.

(Victorian London, Historical, Steampunk, Friendship, Action, Mystery, Demon)


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