The Adventures of Hutu & Kawa


Author/Illustrator – Avis Acres

Age – 5+

This is a classic NZ story by a celebrated NZ Author/Illustrator. Originally published in 1955, The Adventures of Hutu & Kawa has been republished for a new generation of kiwi readers – young and old.

Hutu & Kawa are Pohutakawa Babies who live high in a little nest house in an ancient Pohutakawa tree. They play with their friends the birds and the Forest Folk and are very content. One day they decide they’d like an adventure and ask Grandpa Kiwi how to make a canoe so they can float down the stream.

He says he will help, but they must remember 3 things. Watch out for the Bush hawk, don’t go to far from home and always find somewhere to sleep before sunset. He also gives them a magic whistle and tells them to blow it if they get in trouble. And off they go on their adventure…

This would make a great read-a-loud for Year1-2’s to introduce NZ birds, Flowers and Fauna.

(NZ Author, Classic, Native birds, Adventure)


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