11756933Author – Paul Gallico

Age – 8+

Peter loves cats. His dad (a Colonel) says he can have one, but his mum (who is always busy and away from the house every day, says he can’t. She has given strict orders to Nanny to throw out any strays Peter brings home. One day, when out with Nanny, Peter sees a kitten across the road and he steps out in front of a coal lorry without looking. When he wakes, he is a white tom cat. And this is where the real story begins. A small, skinny, tabby cat comes to his rescue and teaches Peter how to think, eat, act and live like a cat.

Wow. I remember loving this book as a young teen and after reading it again, I know why.

Paul Gallico (1897 – 1976) was a lover of cats and wrote other stories and collections of poems about them. His knowledge is poured into this novel, and it will make you look at cats in a whole new way. His observations of how they feel and act in certain situations eg. When in doubt – Wash!’ are spot on. Just read this wonderful story then watch your own cat to see what I mean.

But ‘Jennie’ isn’t just a story about cats. It’s a love story. It’s a tale about Courage, and Adventure and Friendship. Although it was written in the late 1940’s, and the language is old-fashioned and ‘proper’ English, any cat lover will lap this up, and if you’re anything like me, shed a tear or two.


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