Zeroes (1)

24756394Author – Scott Westerfield/Margo Lanagan/Deborah Biancotti

Age – 13+ (Offensive language)

This is the 1st in a new series from these authors.

I enjoyed the different style of this book – with 6 separate characters from 3rd point of view.
Each of these teens have a super-power. Not leaping tall buildings, turning invisible or being incredibly strong.
Nate – (Bellwether/Glorious Leader) -(nickname) – Is their self proclaimed leader of the group and has the power of persuasion.
Thibault (Anonymous) – Can brush people’s attention aware from him so he doesn’t exist and they forget they ever saw him (which is very problematic and quite sad when it comes to family)
Kelsie (Mob) – has power over crowds – able to control their emotions
Ethan (Scam) – Has another voice that stems from his feelings and can get what he wants. It causes more trouble than good sometimes.
Chizara (Crash) – can mentally reach into computer systems and tweak, or crash them.
Riley (Flicker) – Blind girl who uses other people’s eyes to see. Like Chizara, can reach into buildings or across distances with her power.

When Ethan gets in trouble (well, his other voice gets him into trouble), Nate calls the Zeroes together to help. Ethan upset them all the year before causing a rift, but they all follow Nate’s call, not knowing they will be involved with drug dealers, and dirty money with dire results.

(Super Powers, Friendship, Drugs, Series, Love, Crime, Action, Conflict, Secret)


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