The Bolds


Author – Julian Clary

Illustrator – David Roberts

Age – 8+

Sue and Spot love laughing – well they’re hyenas after all. They noticed that their safari plain was getting more and more tourists so they began to listen and learn from these strange creatures called humans. They practised standing on two legs and even talking like humans. So one day when they discovered clothing, money, air tickets and passports left beside a watering hole (full of crocodiles), they decided to become Fred and Amelia Bold – the couple who had just gone for a swim (and became a crocodile’s lunch).

There was much to learn when they arrived in England. How to cross roads, buy food, get jobs and most important of all – hide their tails! But their neighbour, a grumpy, nasty old man is suspicious of these people next door. They looked different and they wouldn’t stop laughing!

When Fred becomes homesick, they decide to visit the local safari park and this is where things get really tricky. They have to save an old hyena and fast!

Packed full of black and white illustrations, Julian Clary’s humour and distinctive style comes through the text.

(Humour, Animals, Secret, Grumpy neighbour, Hyenas)


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