The Last Kids on Earth


Author – Max Brallier

Illustrator – Douglas Holgate

Age – 9+

42 days ago, the town of Wakefield was invaded by huge monsters that stomped through the town, gobbling whoever they found. As if this isn’t bad enough, zombies came soon after – biting anyone the monsters didn’t get, to make even more zombies.

But 13yr old Jack Sullivan isn’t going to let that spoil things. He has a tree hut to sleep in, weapons to protect himself and no more lawns to mow for his foster dad. In fact, Jack has turned this whole Monster Apocalypse into a type of video game, scoring points for different things he achieves. But the high score will only be achieved when he rescues June Del Toro, the girl he likes at school. He knows she’s still in town. He just has to find her.

With the help of his best friend Quint (science geek extraordinaire), and Dirk Savage (the school bully), Jack achieves his high score – just not exactly how he planned it.

This is perfect for any young, post apocalypse/zombie/monster fan who also love to laugh. The main character is a cocky kid, full of himself one minute, reflective and neglected foster kid the next. But there’s no complaining going on – Jack’s too busy for any of that. He’s into action, having fun when possible, keeping his friends close and dreaming of saving the damsel in distress.

The illustrations are great and very plentiful, breaking up the text for not-so-keen readers. Boys especially will LOVE this.

(Zombies, Monsters, Friendship, Humour, Series, Foster kid, Post Apocalypse)


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