Fire Colour One


Author – Jenny Valentine

Age – 13+

‘We’re back.’ These are the first words Iris’s mother speaks to her father (over the phone), after 12 years of being in California.

Her father wants to see her. At 16, Iris can’t remember him, only that he abandoned them when she was very young. At least that’s what her mother Hannah has always told her.

But Hannah is good at telling lies, and along with her boyfriend Lowell, they have done nothing but chase the good life – fame, money and all that goes with it.

Even when Iris’s father (Ernest) tells them he is dying, Hannah only agrees to take Iris to see him if there is something in it for her. She knows his house is full of priceless art, and his bank account full – just what her and Lowell need, so she takes Iris back to where she spent the first four years of her life.

As Hannah and Lowell wait for him to die, Iris gets to know the father she didn’t remember. Along the way she not only learns about his life, but her past, her present and the truth about her mother.

And just as Hannah believes she finally has a grip on the wealth she was after all along – she discovers Ernest had other ideas.

I really liked this story. It proves again you can’t judge a book by its cover. The writing was fantastic, the characters were wonderful and the revenge was sweet…

(Family, Grief, Greed, Art, Lies, Revenge)


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