Back to Blackbrick

ER – FIT21289462

Author – Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Age – 12+

Cosmo is grieving for his 10 yr old brother who died falling from a window. He’s grieving for his mum who upped and left for Sydney for her work, and he’s grieving for his beloved Grandad who taught him everything he knows about horses, but sometimes can’t even remember Cosmo’s name. Alzheimers is slowing taking Grandad, day by day.

Social workers come to assess Grandad and tell Cosmo that Grandad would get better care in a home and that he has one more week with them. In a rare lucid moment, Grandad gives Cosmo a key. ‘Go to Blackbrick Abbey,’ he tells him. ‘Go through the South Gates and lock them behind you.’

At first Cosmo thinks that it’s more of Grandad’s ravings, but soon he decides to take a look at Black Brick Abbey for himself. After a long taxi ride, he approaches the Abby’s imposing gates…..

Inside the gates he meets a boy called Kevin. Kevin Lawless – his grandad’s name.

A step back in time takes Cosmo to his Grandad’s time, where he meets him as a young teen and also other important people in Grandad’s early life. The time Cosmo spends back many years before his parents were even born, helps him deal with and understand the troubles he is dealing with back in the present. Great story without a typical ending.

(Time travel, Historical, Love, Grief, Family, Friendship, Alzheimers, Dementia)


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