My Parents are Driving me Crazy!


Author/Illustrator – Pete Johnson

Age – 10+

Louis the laugh, as he likes to call himself, wants to be a comedian. He is always telling jokes to his family and his friend Maddy. He believes the big break he needs is going to be on a TV talent show called Kids with Attitude.

He works very hard on his jokes, but is the opposite at school, expecting a Z on his latest essay for his teacher Mr Beach. When Mr Beach gives Louis a letter to take home to his parents with strict instructions not to read it, of course – Louis reads it. It’s not good. It’s not even close to good, labeling Louis as a troublemaker, and wanting to make an appointment with them.

With his best friend Maddy’s help, Louis gives a forged letter back to Mr Beach from his father. After all, if his parents knew how bad Louis was doing at school, they might stop him from going in Kids with Attitude.

Mr Beach is suddenly, annoyingly, very understanding, trying to help Louis as much as he can.
Another problem is his friendship with Maddy. Why is it that things change as soon as they go on a ‘date’?

I really enjoyed this story, although the cover had me thinking it was for younger readers eg.7+
Packed with jokes, witty comebacks, and early teen dramas. Funny!

(Humour, Family, Friendship, School. Depression, Comedy)


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