Pocket Pirates (1) – The Great Cheese Robbery


Author – Chris Mould

Age 7+

This is the 1st book in a new series.

At the end of the street is an old junk shop. In that shop is a ship in a bottle on a shelf. And in that bottle are Pocket Pirates. Button, Lily, Captain Crabsticks, and Old Uncle Noggin. They are all about 2 inches tall and their ship’s cat Jones is even smaller.
Old Uncle Noggin loves telling stories, and the others love listening to them, but Lily and Button sometimes doubt whether his adventure stories are real. One day while having a nap after listening to a story, they woke to realise that Jones (the ship’s cat) was missing. In his place was an envelope. It’s a ransom note! Pepper Jack and his gang of skirting board mice had kidnapped Jones and they want cheese!
The Pocket Pirates know what that means. A voyage to Fridge, where it is always winter.
Avoiding Doyle the dog, Mr Dregby (a large spider), the owner of the junk shop, and the skirting board mice, they all set off on a real adventure across the junk shop.

Chris Mould’s illustrations add life to this series that boys especially will love. With drawings of the characters in front and a drawing of the junk shop itself in the back of the book, the reader can connect even more with the story.

(Pirates, Adventure, Humour, Courage, Series)


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