The Dead House

TEEN – KUR22396591

Author – Dawn Kurtagich

Age – 14+

Carly has the day

Kaitlyn has the night

These sisters share the same body – but their psychiatrist doesn’t believe them. The only people that could confirm they both exist were their parents. But they have recently died in an accident that the sisters can’t remember. And then there’s Naida who is Carly’s best friend. Naida grew up on Fair Island under the teachings of an ancient witchcraft which she still dabbles in now and then…..

Multiple personalities. Disappearing students. Murder. Truth.  Lies, good and evil – this book has it all. One of the CREEPIEST books I’ve ever read.

Told in diary entries, police reports, notebook entries, video footage, and doctors notes – it will draw you in and freak you out! Gain Maximum effect by reading this is one sitting.FANTASTIC!

(Thriller, Horror, Siblings, Love, Friendship, Witchcraft, School, Creepy, Shocking, Dreams)


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