The Apple Tart of Hope

ER FIT20797806

Author – Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Age – 11+

Meg and Oscar have been best friends since they were in early primary school. But Meg’s feelings have begun to change. She’s thinking of Oscar as more than a friend. He’s kind and thoughtful, popular at school, and he bakes the most amazing, almost magical Apple Tarts. He has an uncanny ability to know when someone is down and just might need one of his tasty tarts.

When Meg’s parents tell her they are going to NZ for 6 months for her dad’s work, she is unhappy about leaving Oscar, but they promise to email and skype every day until she is back living next door again. While she’s away, a girl called Paloma and her Mum move into her home. Paloma is beautiful and friendly and soon the most popular girl in school. Surely things should be great? But Paloma has other plans.

Friendship and kindness are the keys to this story with an undercurrent of spite and revenge. Loved it.

(Revenge, School, Popularity, Revenge, Spite, Belief, Suicidal, Friendship, Love, Kindness)


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