The Moon-Faced-Ghoul-Thing (Benjamin Blank 3)


Author – Barry Hutchison

Illustrator – Chris Mould

Age – 7+

The 3rd and last book in the Benjamin Blank Series

It’s been 6 months since their last adventure and Ben is bored. He and his friends are dressing up for The Feast of Scarrabus. This is like Halloween, but in reverse where he and his friends have to leave offerings on every step, not collect them.

But Ben thinks that no-one will notice if he takes some treats home. Surely Lord Scarrabus is just a story after all? But Ben learns the hard way, that traditions aren’t always just a story – and his friends are soon in danger because of him.

The Moon-Faced-Ghoul-Thing is the scariest of the the three stories – but still has heaps of humour to break up the scary. Have loved this series and wish there were more.

(Magic, Family, Courage, Humour, Series, Historical, Medieval)


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