The Swivel-Eyed-Ogre-Thing (Benjamin Blank 2)

ER – HUT25972199

Author – Barry Hutchison

Illustrator – Chris Mould

Age – 7+

This is the 2nd book in this trilogy of adventures.

Ben lives in the village of Lump with his ‘uncle’ Tavish who found him as a baby in the back of a wagon with two other items – a sword sunk into a piece of rock, and a strange metal gauntlet (glove). They are magical, and Ben has spent his entire life wondering about his parents and why he was left alone.

The village of Lump has grown with the inhabitants of a nearby village that was destroyed by a Shark-Headed Bear Thing (1st book in the series). This story starts with a scream, and Ben soon learns that all the trolls in the local area have gone missing. Something has kidnapped them all. That’s good isn’t it? But no trolls under bridges means anything can cross them – any creature or monster can attack their village. And they all believe in monsters after meeting The-Shark-headed-bear-thing in their previous adventure. So off sets Ben and his friends Paradise and Wesley to try and find the trolls.

This is another laugh out loud adventure for 7+ readers. I would love to read this out loud to a Year 3-4 class. They would absolutely love it.

(Magic, Humour, Series, Historical, Medieval, Adventure)


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