Author – Marisa Reichardt

Age – 12+

Morgan has been stuck inside her family’s apartment inside for months – by choice. Going outside is too loud, too bright, too many people. Ever since it happened, outside is beyond her control. She does her school stuff on-line and has her twice weekly therapy sessions at home, watches TV or looks after her little brother after school. She doesn’t need ‘outside’ anymore.

But she misses it. The sun, the sand and most of all the water. Morgan was on the swim team, popular and happy before. But her friends don’t know the truth. They don’t know her part in the school shooting that tore their world apart.

Underwater is an intriguing novel, delving into what it would be like to be one of the survivors of such a terrible event. Morgan has to deal with a secret she’s kept, her absent ex-soldier father, and an unexpected friendship from a new neighbour, who has more in common with her than she knows. Liked it.

(School shooting, Grief, Fear, Courage, Love, Family, Guilt)


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