Author – Gordon Reece

Age – 13+

Shelley and her mum are ‘Mice’ – shy, quiet and happy to keep to themselves. Dad has left for another woman, and Shelley is tutored at home after years of bullying at her school by her own ex best friends.

They move to an idyllic country cottage and build a new life of calm routine, reading, painting, classical music, and study for Shelley towards her goal of going to university. On the night before her 16th birthday they drink wine to celebrate and go to bed looking forward to the future. Shelley wakes to a creaking stair and knows instantly there is someone in the house.

Shelley snaps, nearly loses her life and their peaceful existence is shattered. Can they deal with what they’ve done? Will they be discovered? Can life ever be the same again?

This was a thrilling read, and I was on edge with the characters – will they be found out? Did somebody see them? Although I wanted Shelley to stick up for herself against her school bullies, she certainly made up for it when her home and mum were in danger.

(Thriller, Bullying, Murder, Courage, Self esteem, Guilt)



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