The Way we Roll


Author – Scot Gardner

Age – 16+

Will is in hiding. He lives under a bowling alley by night, and works as a trolley boy in a large mall during the day. He is a complete contrast to Julian, who is a Westie, covered in tattoos and rough round the edges, who is also a trolley boy.
Julian calls Will an Alfie because he used to go to an expensive private school called St Alphaeus. Julian wants to know why someone like Will is sleeping under a bowling alley, and he offers Will a bed at his house. Will meets Julian’s family who accept Will straight away, are kind and caring – which is just what Will needs at the moment and the complete opposite to what he is used to.

When the reason for Will’s hiding catches up with him, he finally has to face the problem. But now he’s not on his own. He has the support of Julian’s entire family behind him.

This is a great story for guys about friendship, relationships, family and how they can be made up in so many different ways. Definitely for older teens due to explicit language and topics.

(Realism, Working, Family, Friendship, Conflict, Anger, Relationships, workmates)



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