Author – Lee Battersby

Age – 9+

Magrit lives in an abandoned cemetery, surrounded by tenement buildings. When a stork flies by and drops a crying bundle into the cemetery, her only friend Master Puppet (who she made herself out of bones and sticks and rags), tells her to leave it alone. But she can’t and as soon as she picks it up knows what it is. And she also knows, if she doesn’t quieten it, one of the surrounding tenement windows will open and discover her hiding place.

A quick read, but one that holds you until you discover the truth about Magrit, along with her. Her world is the cemetery and as you read, the walls of the buildings and chapel surround you as you join her world. A little creepy, but not too much for young readers, who will enjoy the ending.

Something different.

(Cemetery, Imagination, Survival, Secret, Creepy)


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