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Author – Nicci Cloke

Age – 14+

Lizzie has gone missing. Aiden hasn’t spoken to her for a while after they broke up, but the police still want to know if he knows anything. He’s worried, but he’s not about to tell them how close they got. Or the reason why they broke up.

But his worry for her is all encompassing. Where is she? Why did she go to meet a random stranger from Facebook? Did their break-up push her to it? With help from his friend Scobie and support from his mum and step-dad, Aiden is determined to work out her messages on Facebook that she left before she vanished. Did she disappear on purpose to avoid the hate mail she got about her sister on a local reality TV show, or did her online friend do her harm? Where is Lizzie?

This was a story full of twists and turns, and the power of social media. I didn’t figure out what happened to her and the ending was a surprise. The first half of the book is in Aiden’s viewpoint then multiple viewpoints kick in.

(Reality TV, Love, Family, Friendship, Abduction, Secret, Facebook, Social Media)


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