Much Ado about Shakespeare

Junior Non-Fiction

Author/Illustrator – Donovan Bixley

Age – 10+

If you ever thought William Shakespeare was old-fashioned, not relevant to today or even just plain boring, you need to read and pore over the illustrations in this fun but factual (as much as possible) biography of this talented man from our past.

Beginning from when ‘Will’ was born, Much Ado about Shakespeare takes the reader right through this accomplished playwright’s life to his death at 52. Every stage of his life is accompanied by a stunning full colour illustration, bringing the story to life.

There are also the illustrator’s rough pencil sketches, an illustrated time-line and a list of Shakespeare’s work. Check out the silhouette at the back of the book, showing all the sayings that we use every day that were first said by Shakespeare. You’ll be amazed!

This is non-fiction, but reads like a story, and a very interesting one at that. Roll on the NZ Book Awards!

(Shakespeare, History, Humour, Playwright, NZ Author)


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