Flying Furballs (1) Dogfight

Author – Donovan Bixley

Age – 6+

This is the 1st book in this series.

Top pilots from Cat Allied Troups are assembled for a an important briefing. They are told Major Tom has gone missing behind enemy lines! It must be kept secret so the public don’t panic when they learn their hero has been captured by dogz. Not to mention finding him before he is forced to give up any information.

Claude D’Bonair (a young-gun pilot), immediately volunteers to go in and find him. But he’s reminded that his last mission didn’t go that well. He was forced to land by the Red Setter – the top pilot of the enemy – Dogz. Ever since, Claude’s wondered why the ace enemy flyer didn’t shoot him from the sky when he had the chance?

With the help of his expert mechanic friend Manx, he flies out on his new mission, determined to find Major Tom. What he finds is action, stowaways, a jaw dropping leap from the top of a castle and another run-in with enemy fighter pilots.

This was a fantastic start to a new series written and illustrated by NZ’s own, award-winning, Donovan Bixley. Packed full of black & white illustrations, fact pages on Claude’s plane and flying, gadgets and gags, this is going to be a hit series!

(Friendship, Courage, Animals, Action, War, Humour)


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