In Darkling Wood


Author – Emma Carroll

Age – 8+

This is a story of family feud’s, fairies and friendship.

When Alice has to go and stay with Nell, a grandmother she has never met; she is worried for her little brother as he receives a heart transplant, angry at her absent father who doesn’t seem to care, and intrigued by a girl she meets in the wood that all but surrounds her grandmother’s house.

But Nell wants to cut the wood down. It’s getting too close and is going to wreck the house. “But what about the fairies in the wood?” Alice’s new friend Flo asks. “If they lose their home they will take their revenge.”

Should Alice ignore Flo’s weird warnings or try and save Darkling Wood?

A very enjoyable read for girls 8+. A little magic, lots of family, and letters from the past that bring it all together.

(Fairies, Mystery, Magic, Conservation, Blended family, Friendship)


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