Stars at Oktober Bend

(Not in Napier Libraries)26801669

Author – Glenda Millard

Age – 13+

Alice has a brain injury after something terrible happened to her. She is frustrated that her speech sounds so thick and slurred, and that she forgets words she needs to say something. So she expresses herself in poems – lyrical poems that help free her feelings. She leaves her poems where others can read them, share them or keep them, though she’s not sure whether the people of her town bother. But one person has noticed her poems. And he’s noticed Alice too.

Manny is a refugee from Sierra Leone, and he recognises the knowing sadness in Alice’s eyes as the same look his people had when their country was ravaged by war. He is intrigued by Alice and her beautiful poems and wants to know more.

This story is how that happens, with a background of poverty and hardship, love and patience.

Simply beautiful.

(Love, Refugee, Family, Poetry, Growing up, Bullying, Brain Injury, Acceptance, Differences)


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