Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade


Authors – Kate & Jo Temple

Illustrator – Jon Foye

When Jimmy’s teacher Ms Fennel talks about Captain James Cook in History Week at school, Jimmy is super happy. This guy was not only an amazing explorer, he had the same name and also looked good in a tri-corn hat!

So then begins Jimmy’s fascination with Captain James Cook. When Jimmy’s learns that the Captain was killed by a tribe in Hawaii, he decides it’s up to him (they did have the same name after all), to go to Hawaii and sort things out, calm the tribes and carry on the Captain’s great work. But how was he going to get there?

A trip to the supermarket with Mum helps him with his problem. He sees a competition about WheatBlocks. Eat them, collect coupons and be in to win!

Now, how many packets can he sneak into the trolley…..?

This story was hilarious! It would make a great read-a-loud (with a tiny warning about the small poo content for those who would rather go without), for teachers of students aged 7-9. Third Grade for NZ readers is the equivalent of Year 4 for NZ schools.

The main character is super-confident, but not annoyingly so, and with an answer for everything he didn’t agree with. He was usually right – well partly anyway, and funny with it. Boys will love this as much as I did!

(Humour, Read-a-loud, Family, School, Competition, Determination, Captain James Cook)


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