Wilf the Mighty Worrier (1)- Saves the World

Wilf the Mighty Worrier: Saves the World

Author/Illustrator – Georgia Pritchett

Age – 6+

This is the first in this series.

Wilf is a worrier. He has a list of things he’s scared of, including stuffed animals, peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of his mouth, polo-neck jumpers, moths and twirly moustaches.

But when Alan and Pam move in next door, Wilf has to face his fears. Alan quickly tells him, (when Wilf has to go over and invite them to his house for tea), that he is the most biddly, boddly, baddest man in the whole wide world. He is in the middle of a secret plan to blow up the entire world – but please don’t tell anyone.

With the help of his ‘How to stop worrying’ leaflet from the library, his sticky, smelly, baby sister and lots of courage, Wilf has to stop Alan from blowing up the world.

Jammed with lists, Wilf’s drawings of possible worries and funny illustrations by the author, this book about a little boy being brave is wacky, funny, and adorable. The first in this series. Can’t read to meet more of Wilf’s adventures.

(Evil Baddie, Baby Sister, Humour)


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