Danny Best – Full On


Author – Jen Storer

Age – 7+

This is the first book in this series.

Danny Best is the BEST at everything – well, HE thinks so. He’s FULL ON, all the time, makes everything into a competition and changes the rules if he thinks it will have a better outcome. All his mates know what he’s like and ok with it, keen to beat his challenges and have fun at the same time.

Danny Best – FULL ON, is a collection of 5 stories that are linked by a vacant section next to Danny’s house (that he’s labelled The Lot of Pain), school, or the friends themselves. Each story is action-packed, full of Danny and funny illustrations, and followed by a quick quiz (also funny) for readers to test themselves on. Danny is really into tests and challenges of any kind and is very imaginative in everything he does. His farting dog Pugsley and crazy cat Dr Hook, also feature in the fun.

Young fans of Wimpy Kid, Timmy Failure, and Tom Gates will love these stories told by a boy just like them. Danny is bossy, full of himself and his achievements, but a complete crack-up at the same time. The illustrations on every page will have boy readers laughing throughout the entire book.


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