The Dog, Ray

EXT – COG27799343

Author – Linda Coggin

Age – 8+

(Love this cover!)

Daisy is in a car accident, leaving her dad in a wheelchair and herself facing a lady in a celestial office telling her she’s looking to place her soul somewhere as quick as she can. But instead of going through the right door, Daisy goes through the left – to become a new-born puppy. She has to learn everything there is to know about being a dog and is soon adopted by a boy called Cyril.

Through Cyril’s negligence, she meets an old man called Jack, who is homeless but kind. His kindness also stretches to a young runaway called Pip.
Pip names her Ray and together they have a bond that grows more and more throughout the story. Pip is searching for a father he’s never met, while Ray’s memories of being Daisy fade as her dog senses become more developed. Together they find a way to a new life – one they never imagined at the beginning of their friendship.

Animal lovers will love this story, particularly dog lovers. The author has captured the dog’s senses well and other traits like being pleased to see their owner even though they’ve only been apart for a short time, smells taking over their better judgement, growling in fear and anxiety and barking when excited.

(Animals, Dogs, Homeless, Foster child, Runaway, Friendship)




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