The Road to Ratenburg

The Road to Ratenburg

Author – Joy Cowley

Age – 7+

This is the story told by a rat, in the view of a rat. Spinnaker; the proud father of 4 rats, and husband of the lovely Retsina, talks directly to the reader.

He tells the story of his family’s quest to travel to the holy grail of rats – Ratenburg. It is said that Ratenburg is safe with no Ratophobia, plenty to eat and drink and comforts that they’ve only dreamed of. Ratenburg is the place that the famous Pied Piper led all those rats of long ago – or is it?

This was a wonderful story of courage, determination, prejudice, relationships and family, by NZ’s own Joy Cowley. This is Joy Cowley’s 80th year, and out of the many dozens of chapter books – one of her best so far.

(Animals, Family, Courage, Family, Love, Predjudice, Rats)


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