In the Dark, In the Woods



Author – Eliza Wass

Age – 14+ (Swearing)

Caspar, Hannan, (Castley, Delvive and Jerusalem – triplets) and their younger brother Mortimer are ruled by their father’s beliefs. He bases them all around God and it isn’t a loving, nurturing way of life, but full of fear and punishment for minor transgressions.
Their mother is merely a shadow in the story, her leg bent and twisted after a fall down the stairs and a refusal to go to hospital.

They have no phones, TV or computers as their father believes the devil can speak through technology. It’s only after trip to hospital for one of Castley’s siblings that got local authorities involved, and now they attend school.

They have all grown up believing they were special – the only ones that will be accepted into heaven. The more Castley learns of the outside world, the more she wants to be just a normal teenager. She can see now that being betrothed to her older brother Caspar is wrong. She can see Father’s punishments are too extreme and that maybe, just maybe, there might be another way of life out there for her and her siblings. But how will she convince them before it is too late?

(Religion, Fear, Control, Family, Internal Conflict, Courage)


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