Coming Home to Roost


Author – Mary-Anne Scott

Age – 15+

(Local Author – Book Launch 28 May 2016!)

Elliot is trying to get his life on track after living with a girl who his family believe was a bad influence. He has to agree with that and when he moves to Wellington to an electrician’s apprenticeship, he sees a new future. He meets a gorgeous, intelligent girl (so different from his ex, Lena), and gets on well with his boss Arnie who is well into his 70’s and having Elliot board with him.

But the stuff he left behind soon catches up with him, tipping his world upside down. Fear, guilt at hurting his family again and anger for being so stupid all but consumes him. But a near tragedy and the love of his family make him grow-up fast and deal with his decisions.

I really enjoyed this story about a typical Kiwi teenager dealing with the consequences of his actions. Saying that, it’s not preachy or moralistic in any way, just a natural progression from choices made. The characters of Elliot and Arnie are magnificent and I think this novel is even better than this kiwi author’s first teen novel. Snakes and Ladders won the Children’s Choice Award of the YA Section in the NZ Post Children’s & Teens Book Awards 2013.

(Family, Friends, Guilt, Responsibility, Growing up, Racism, Siblings, First job, Electrician)


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