Freaky & Fearless


Author – Robin Etherington

Illustrator – Jan Bielecki

Age – 7+

Simon and his best friend Whippet love their Freaky and Fearless comics. But when Simon’s dad is talking about strange things before he leaves on a 3 month business trip, and the comic store-owner warns Simon about a storm coming on a perfectly sunny day, Simon begins to worry. And what is the strange shadow he keeps seeing out of the corner of his eye?
He and Whippet follow clues, track a kidnapper, meet a tiny lunatic and discover a troll toilet and fight a monster – all in the town of Lake Shore (Lake Bore according to Simon) where they live.

This is the first in a new series for 7-9 yr olds. Choc full of black and white illustrations by Jan Bielecki , this fast, fun, and full of action story about two boys who love to write stories and draw is only going to get more and more creative!

(Humour, Friendship, Monster, Story, Drawing, Comics, Series, Action, Courage)


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