Witherwood Reform School

Author – Obert Skye

Illustrator – Keith Thompson

Age – 8+

(This is the first in a series)

When Tobias and his younger sister pull a trick on their awful nanny, their father is so angry he orders them into his car, before driving them many miles to leave them in the dark and rain outside tall metal gates. The sign says Witherwood Reform School – Caring, Community and Character since 1805.

He quickly feels guilty and turns around to go back for them but things go awry on the way.

What Tobias and Charlotte soon face would turn their father’s hair white if he knew what he’d left them to, and they have to use all their courage and initiative to try and escape.

Monsters, locked doors, a matron ten times worse than their nanny and hours of kitchen work every day are now part of their lives, no matter how many times they plan to leave. Witherwood is not just a school, but something otherworldly with a long history.

The first in an intriguing new series with the second out soon, it reminded me a little of A Series of Unfortunate Events with a humorous narrator and no end of terrible things happening to the siblings. Looking forward to the next in the series entitled Lost & Found.

(Monsters, Creepy, School, Siblings, Courage, Fantasy, Mystery, Series)


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