Julius Zebra – Rumble with the Romans


Author – Gary Northfield

Age – 7+

This is the first in a series.

Julius Zebra isn’t happy about going to the lake with his mum and older brother. The water is gross and smelly. He tries to imagine the water as crystal-clear sparkling water from a mountain, but as soon as he tastes it, he knows better.
He decides he is going home on his own, despite the warnings of being alone from an annoying know-it-all warthog that sees him. Suddenly they are both caught up in a stampede. There is a stalking lion nearby. Julius and the warthog escape up a hill, only to fall into a deep dark pit – with the lion!
He’s wishing he never left his family’s side when they are all pulled out in nets by strange looking creatures called people. Not just any people – Roman Centurions.

This is a hilarious beginning to this series. Friendship, time-travel, humour and animals all mixed together make a great read for 7+ boys and girls.


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