TEEN – TUR29861856

Author – Rebekah Turner

Age – 14+

Josie lives with her uncle Bobby, helping him run his little store in the year 2050. Many people have ‘talents’. Josie has several talents including telekinesis and telepathy but is also a threader – someone who can ‘thread’ (join) with others and either help them strengthen their talents or control them against their will. She’s been told all her life to hide her talents – especially from any authorities as the government insists everyone register them.

When she is nearly caught using her talent illegally (for the 3rd time) her life suddenly changes and she finally faces the people who can tell her about her dead parents.

The Helios Academy are pleased to have her attend their prestigious school but she is no puppet and is wary of everyone. She wants to know what happened to make her parents leave the academy before she was born. On her way to discovering the truth she finds true friends, love and another threader she must defeat.

With a love story, an unlikely friendship, her parent’s hidden past and an experiment that went terribly wrong, all ‘threaded’ through this narrative, this was a riveting read. Would love a sequel!

(School, Love, Science, Secrets, Friendship, Courage, Betrayal, Family)


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