Strawberry Crush

ER – URE29423860

Author – Jean Ure

Age – 11+

Mattie and Maya are cousins, their mums – twins. Mattie is sensible, studious and reliable, and Maya flighty, elfin and hopeless. When Maya falls off her bike, a boy from school helps her into his car and takes her home.
Mattie sees the familiar look on her cousin’s face – the look that means Maya has one of her epic crushes. Maya does everything to be where Jake might be, walking her dog past his house, (when they’ve always walked the dog in the park). Waiting in the school car park in case she might run into him and he offers her a ride home (instead of catching the bus with Mattie). Mattie tries to tell Maya she is being ridiculous – Jake is 18 and she is only 12, but Maya won’t listen.

Mattie watches her cousin become consumed by her infatuation and is torn between being angry and embarrassed about Maya’s behavior, and worried about what might happen.

Jean Ure writes wonderful stories about real life happenings and everyday problems that tweens face. The characters were believable and young readers 11+ will easily identify with them.

(Friendship, Crush, Relationships, Boys, School, Family)


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