Forgetting Foster

28052321Author – Dianne Touchell

Age – 13+ (Strong Language)

7 yr old Foster’s hero is his Dad. He loves the amazing stories Dad tells while he’s sitting in the bath, or on his bed with his toy soldiers in battle among the blankets, or in front of a silent TV with it flickering light over them.

But Dad doesn’t tell Foster stories anymore. Mum’s always tired and telling Foster, ‘It’s nothing for you to worry about.’ But Foster is worried. Dad is changing, almost like he’s going somewhere without them, even though he’s still in the same house.

And as Dad changes, their whole life changes and instead of Dad looking after him, he has to look after Dad. Mum forgets to make Foster’s school lunches or even give him money for the canteen, and she’s always arguing with Aunty Linda who comes to help.

Soon Foster feels almost invisible, the adults around him always whispering around him or telling him to go to his room. But he wants to know what’s going to happen. Will Dad come back from wherever he’s gone?

Written from a seven year old boy’s point of view, this story was wonderfully done, showing how children’s perceptions can be confused and misinterpreted using the small amount of knowledge they have about the world around them.

Forgetting Foster is a sad story – because it’s not just a story. This is people’s everyday lives – slowly watching and knowing they are losing someone they love, and dealing with their frustration, anger, and fear as Alzheimer’s disease progresses.

(Family, Alzheimers, Stories, Perceptions)


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