A Library of Lemons

(Not in Napier/Taradale Libraries)29340342

Author – Jo Cotterill

Age 9+

This story was full of book references which were fun to tick off as read. The characters were realistic – Mae with her loving mum and dad and ‘normal’ way of life, and Calypso with her distant dad who left her to cook her own tea (beans on toast), tidy the house and remind him to buy food.

Calypso is used to being on her own at school, preferring reading than trying to make friends. Her dad had told her that they didn’t need anyone else. They had “inner strength”.

But when Calypso finds a friend in Mae, she realises they do need people and life is so much better with friends, hugs when you need one and a shoulder to cry on when you are sad.

How will she prove this to Dad to bring him out of his melancholy existence after the loss of her mum?
Calypso meets other children who are ‘carers’ – looking after their parents instead of the other way round, and she learns how to cope with her Dad and bring him through the terrible fog of sadness that has settled on his shoulders.

Mae and Calypso’s friendship is heart warming and sad at the same time, as Calypso realises how much she is missing out on without her own mum.

Lovely story of hope after loss.

(Grief, Family, Friendship, Hope, Responsibility)


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