Paladero (1) Riders of Thunder Realm

(Not in Napier/Taradale Libraries)28052452

Author – Steven Lochran

Age – 10+  (Excellent Cover!)

Thunder Realm in the Kingdom of AI is a world where dinosaurs are herded like cattle, and the ‘cowboys’ who herd them are trained like knights. In their lengthy training to become a revered Paladero, they may face deadly foes like witches, ghosts, tyrannosaurus’ and murderers and thieves like the infamous Grim Rider.

Joss wants to be a Paladero more than anything despite the danger and the chance comes sooner than he would ever dream possible. He is suddenly faced with three others who have the same dream. But they are all very different and all very mistrusting of each other. Will they ever pull together to achieve their quest’s goal?

This story has it all. Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, futuristic technology and gadgets, mythical creatures and an age-old quest to complete. There is action aplenty, a transgender character and a seriously endangered species issue to compare to real life. The first in a new series.

(Action, Orphan, Quest, Dinosaurs, Mythical Creatures, Courage, Bravery, Friendship, Endangered, Transgender)


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