Charlie and the War against the Grannies


Author – Alan Brough

Age – 7+

Charlie wants a paper round. But never in a million years can he imagine what he and his best friend Hils (Hilary) would have to do to get one.

When he begins to ask about one, a man runs away screaming, they’re told it’s the most dangerous job in the world and they should leave town, and then they are attacked by very hot chilli sauce. But why?

With Hils’ army expertise and Charlie’s determination they come up against rock-hard throwing hankies, flying false teeth, charging nanas and one glass eye. There are secret HQ’s, trick mirrors, espionage, and army training. They have waged war against the Stinkly Wrinkly’s!

This is the funniest book I’ve read in ages. I was laughing out loud constantly at Charlie and Hils’ antics. Charlie is a worrier and Hils the opposite – speaking everything in army lingo, with Charlie interpreting for the reader. There was tons of toilet humour, crazy characters and silly situations. New from a Kiwi Author. HILARIOUS!

(Humour, Friendship, Silly, Grandparents, Determination, NZ Author, Kiwi Author)


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