(PB = picture book section)                  (S) = Which letter book can be found under)              

Title                                                                               Author / Illustrator

Max and the won’t go to bed show       PB (S)      Mark Sperring / Sarah Warburton

On my way to bed                                       PB (M)     Sarah Maizes / Michael Paraskevas

It’s time for bed                                          PB (G)     Adele Geras / Sophy Williams

Go to sleep Jessie                                        PB (G)     Libby Gleeson / Freya Blackwood

Who puts the animals to bed?                PB (K)     Mij Kelly / Holly Clifton-Brown

Hush – A kiwi lullaby                                PB (C)     Joy Cowley / Andrew Burdan

Bedtime is cancelled                                  PB (M)     Cece Meng / Aurelie Neyret

Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime              PB (W)    Myra Wolfe / Maria Monescillo


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