Alfie – Cat in Trouble


Author – Rachel Wells

Age 6+

Alfie is a doorstep cat. He likes people and shares himself among three families. One has a new baby and they are tired and grumpy, so Alfie spends more time with a new family that has moved into the neighbourhood.

They are a strange bunch. Dad paints fruit and eggs paintings. Mum is always busy. The little girl is a prodigy, spending much of her time on her piano or with piano lessons, and the little boy is scolded often at his antics. He’s always getting into trouble and Alfie can see that he just wants some attention from his parents, thinking they love his sister more than him. Slowly but surely, with Alfie’s help, the family finds a solution.

Sweet. Young animal lovers will like this cute series.

(Animals, Cat, Friendship, Series)


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