The Nest


Author – Kenneth Oppel

Illustrator – Jon Klassen

Age – 10+

Steve’s baby brother isn’t quite right. There is something wrong when Mum and Dad bring him home from the hospital, and he has to return for lots of tests. Steve can feel Mum and Dad’s stress and sadness and when he dreams about an angel that says she can ‘fix’ his baby brother, he tells them about it.

It upsets his mum, so he decides to keep his dreams to himself. But soon they turn to nightmares and the angel turns into something else. But this frightening being says she has a solution for their family. Will Steve help or not? As he battles with his conscience about wanting a healthy baby for their family, he’s soon faced with a decision and whether he’ll keep to it.

This story reminded me of pieces of other stories I have enjoyed about sick siblings and a magical/fantasy element to their healing. If you loved A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness, The Flask – Nicky Singer, In Darkling Wood – Emma Carroll, then I’m sure you’ll like this one. It’s a little strange, a little creepy but a fabulous read. The illustrations by award winning Jon Klassen are fantastic, adding so much feeling to the words as you read. A great combination.

(Wasps, Family, Illness, OCD, Therapist, Dreamscape)



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