Jessica’s Ghost


Author – Andrew Norriss

Age- 12+

Francis doesn’t have many friends. He hides his love of designing clothes because of bullying at school and spends most of his time alone. Until he meets Jessica. Jessica quickly becomes his best friend, but Jessica isn’t normal – Jessica is a ghost. Francis’ mum can’t believe the change in her son and asks him if he could help a new kid at their school. Francis isn’t happy about it but agrees to meet ‘Andy’ at his mum’s request.

Andy is different too and despite first impressions, they too hit it off. What follows is a story of friendship, self belief,  belonging and hope.

Covering child depression, bullying, and suicide (bullycide), this story is anything but depressing. Written in a clear, simplistic way, it highlights an issue that is all-encompassing for the young person going through it, but gives hope and understanding to it.

I’m putting this in my group of wonderful books like Wonder and My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece.

(Ghost, Suicide, Bullycide, Friendship, Clothes Design)


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