Pocket Pirates (2) The Great Drain Escape


Author/Illusrator – Chris Mould

Age – 5+

On a shelf in a little junk shop is a bottle. Inside the bottle is a ship – a pirate ship. On that ship live four pirates and their cat called Jones. This series follows their adventures.

Button is hungry. They haven’t properly eaten for days after the owner of the shop moved his dog’s basket ride underneath their shelf, preventing Button and his shipmates from their usual food foraging. Button decides he’s going to find some breakfast before the others wake up, and while the dog sleeps, he is soon on his way.

The others are soon awake and worried about him and they risk being the dog’s breakfast as they go after Button.

Outside is a scary place and when it begins to rain they are swept into a smelly, dark, scary drain. How are they going to get home again?

They have to face giant cockroaches, hungry rats, and a huge floating poo!

This the 2nd in this series that can be read out of order. Packed with adventures and Chris Mould’s funny b&w illustrations adding to the story, it would make a great read-aloud. Each book has a taster of another story in the series at the back.

(Pirates, Fear, Insects, Cockroaches, Adventure, Series, Bravery, Read-aloud, third person)


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