The Crooked Sixpence (1) The Uncommoners


Author – Jennifer Bell

Age – 9+

The world of Lundinor that has been built by this author is exceptionally clever. A touch of Diagon Alley, a touch of magic and lots of wonder.

Imagine holding a belt above your head and it lifting you up and over things. Instead of a bell ringing as an alarm, it yells out to you who is coming. A lemon squeezer is a light, wallpaper makes origami shapes out of itself, and a button in your pocket can make you feel better when ill. These are all available in the markets of Lundinor – underneath London and only open 3 times a year to Uncommoners. No money changing hands – just trading of uncommon objects.
Uncommoners live among us and like to trade and collect uncommon things. Bags can help you travel between places, but if you’re not careful and don’t follow the Lundinor laws, you may find yourself on the end of an underguard toilet brush (which is a tazer in disguise.)

But amongst this wonder, there is evil lurking ready to rise again. Will Ivy (11) and her brother Seb (14) be able to help granma remember her time in Lundinor, and will they be able to save their parents from a banished, murderous group of Lundinor’s called the Dirge?

Fantastically imaginative with some scary stuff too!

(Fantasy, Mystery, Evil, Werewolf, Courage, Initiative, Action)


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